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Create The Perfect Study Part 1

Create The Perfect Study Part 1

How to Work From Home In Style

Having the perfect home office or study has never been more important. At the pandemic’s start, many of us settled for temporary solutions for working from home (WFH). However, as time marches on and many of us look set to continue WFH in some capacity, it’s time we took creating spaces seriously to help, not hinder, our daily duties. So, whether you have the luxury of a separate home office or you are trying to make the best of a nook, it’s time to take the plunge and make the space work for you. We’ve got four amazing tips to share with you to help you create your perfect home office. Let’s start with the first two this week...

how to work from home in style

Setting the Mood

Piles of laundry, children’s toys, or even large boxes of chocolate will hardly help you knuckle down on the work that beckons. Setting the right mood is essential. Start this process by decluttering, ordering what’s left, and bringing in a few choice pieces that will lift your mood for when the conference calls seem endless. Try freshly cut flowers to inspire the mind, a scented candle to bring sucker in the stressful moments, and a radio to bring musical relief throughout the day. Create an inspiring focal point on the wall with our charming and ethereal pieces of wall art. Bring a sense of grandeur with our Spring Horizon Abstract Oil Painting, a Turner-esque hand-painted canvas in greys and oranges. Alternatively, our framed wooden prints provide a plethora of affordable options for a variety of tastes; take a look at our framed Sea Urchin Abalone or our Fortazela Amber, both bold and uplifting.

Spring Horizon Abstract Oil Painting

Light up the Darkness

Good lighting is not just essential for protecting against eye strain, but it is also a key ingredient in striking the right tone for working. Unlike being at the office where our destiny with strip, overhead and fluorescent lighting seems inevitable, we can balance the practical with the tasteful at home. Rather than sitting with the overhead on all day, you can introduce elegant floor and desk lamps. If you love your lamp, flicking the switch at the start of the day to commence a day’s work can be a pleasingly positive part of your process. Whilst we have a plethora of lamps to choose from, for a variety of tastes, the Inopia Smoke Table Lamp with Fjord Loch Shade has to be one of our favourites. The Fjord Loch Shade, from our Coastal collection, is beyond soothing, subtly creating an ambience suitable for studying or working.

Inopia Smoke Table Lamp

Keep your eye out for part two, where we talk all things furniture and accessories.

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