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Create The Perfect Study Part 2

Create The Perfect Study Part 2

Last time we started to explore how to create the perfect workspace. We considered how to set the mood and how to light up the room. This week we are giving you more ideas to take your study from drab to darling.

Your Study, Your Throne

Many of us work for a total of over 80,000 hours in our lifetimes; many of which will be spent on our bottoms, in a chair. If you didn't think your chair was important before, we certainly hope you do now. There is absolutely no reason to have anything but the best when finding the right seating for your study. If you've papers to mark, or phone calls to make, having a delightfully inviting chair away from your desk might be a good plan, adding variety and movement to your working day. Our sleek and desirable Naples chair in warm grey linen is invitingly comfortable, playing on Scandi themes and a 60s vibe. This chair will be the perfect addition to a neutral and sophisticated study space. On the other hand, Harriet Chair In Chiaso Fjord Velvet is enticingly dominant; nobody's going to forget who the boss is when you sit in our Harriet Chair. Throne like, this custom-made, velvet-clad chair will give your study space an air of grandeur.

Velvet Chairs

The Necessary Accoutrement

There's nothing like getting your stationary for the start of term or introducing new pieces of equipment to your workspace. Somehow, having the right kit helps us to feel smart, ready, and energised to work. Our gorgeous Aeon Antique clocks are the perfect addition to any study; in bold brass and silver, they are both statement pieces and utterly practicable.

Silver clock

Get Organised

Don't miss our lovely Mini Organisers, a stylishly-designed, handy little item to keep you on track. With lined paper, a pen, and document slots, these nifty organisers would make the perfect gift for those starting a new school or university term. In a variety of classic Voyage styles, our mini-organisers will suit an eclectic array of tastes.

If you missed part 1, catch up here and discover how to set the mood with lighting. For more style tips and the latest updates on our new collections read our blog.
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