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Discover our New Range of Digitally Printed Rugs

Discover our New Range of Digitally Printed Rugs

As a child, one spends a lot of time on the rug or carpet. Whether it’s taking your first steps, rolling up in it (much to one’s parents’ disapproval), pretending to fly to distant lands, or sitting on it to put together jigsaws, the rug is the happy medium between the sofa and the floor - a unique place for imagination and fun.

Our interest in rugs changes as we grow older; one discovers their unique power in making a room feel cosy and complete. If you send your carpet off to be cleaned, you’ll know how naked the space suddenly feels, your floorboards, tiles or carpet de-robed and humiliated. The rug becomes the affordable way to deal with the flooring we’re not enamoured with or the quick way to reflect our constantly evolving tastes.

Limited Edition Rugs

So, of course, we know how important rugs are to maintaining interior bliss, which is why we are delighted to be bringing a new and limited edition collection of Voyage Maison rugs.

Digitally printed on 100% cotton chenille, our new rugs are soft and chunky to touch. Chenille, the French word for caterpillar, perfectly imbues the fuzzy and gentle feel of the textile.

These limited edition rugs will be printed in the seasonally sensational Katsura, the magically mythical Ikon, the coastally cute Riviera, and the sumptuously Scottish Folklore.

New Digitally Printed Rugs


Our Katsura rugs are serenely elegant, with a subtle floor pattern that would suit a demure yet sophisticated room. In Mulberry and Violet, the Katsura rugs pair nicely with a soft palette - perhaps the perfect addition to an already neutrally toned room.

New Katsura Digitally printed rug


Our Ikon rugs come in three styles: Fortazela (Gold and Sapphire), Elysium Sapphire and Collector Onyx. The Ikon rugs are regal statement pieces, matched with rich and decadent accessories, reminiscent of the finest tapestries.

Ikon Fortazella Gold  Rug


We’re so pleased to be including our Dougal Granite print from the Folklore range in this exclusive run of rugs. This rug features the beloved Scottish Highland Cow and will bring a fun and cosy feel to any room.

Folklore Digitally Printed Rug


We decided to use the Seaweed Abalone print for our Riviera rug, a beautifully fresh ode to the sea. With an oatmeal background and piquant strands of colour, this lovely rug will bring any coastal room together.

Riviera Seaweed Abalone Rug

We can't wait to see how you style our new limited edition rugs in your home. Keep an eye out for available stockists here and don't forget to tag us in your beautiful home shots at @voyage_maison.

Discover the story behind our new collections and limited edition styles here.

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