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Fabulous Fabrics For Frocks and Furnishings

Fabulous Fabrics For Frocks and Furnishings

Perhaps the next time youre sitting on the sofa, you could try a little thought experiment. Look around at your interiors and mentally remove all the fabric from the room. Curtains, gone. Rug, gone. Cushions, gone. Blanket, gone. Rather quickly, colour, comfort, and cheer drain from the room, leaving you with an austere and uncomfortable interior. Unless you love a clinical or brutalist aesthetic, this will leave most of us feeling a little cold.

Voyage Maison Fabric

Here at Voyage, though, we believe fabrics are a key ingredient in making spaces comfortable and cosy. By using the right fabrics, in the right way, a room can be transformed from drab to darling. Time and time again, weve seen our customers renew their interiors by simply picking suitable fabric or textile pieces.

As well as designing and producing a plethora of remarkable ready-made soft-furnishings (curtains, rugs, cushions etc.), that use of our fantastic fabric, we’re also proud to offer our customers the source material too. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a new tab on our website - ‘Fabric’ - which will transport you to a veritable treasure trove of textiles. The Fabric tab gives you two options: 1) Dress Fabric 2) Interior Fabric.

Voyage Maison Fabric

Many of you will know that we’ve made interior fabrics for years. Predominantly manufactured in the UK, and composed of linens, silks, and chenilles, these fabrics have been used by so many of you to create gorgeously unique and charming pieces for your homes and businesses.

Excitingly, however, we also have a new offering. After months in the making, we’re exceptionally proud to present our new dress-making textiles to you. By using high-quality cottons and quintessential Voyage designs, we’ve created exceptional fabrics which will be perfect for your next fashion project. With a huge range of stunning styles and pretty patterns, we’re in no doubt many of you will be dusting off your sewing machines and expanding your wardrobes in preparation for your new creations.

Voyage Maison Fabric

Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we delve a little deeper into our fabulous new fabrics - In the meantime browse our entire catalogue of fabrics here. Don't forget to follow us on social @voyage_maison and tag us in all your fabric creations!

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