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Getting To Know Florabunda

Getting To Know Florabunda

As we discovered last month, our new Florabunda range is a summery mélange of horticultural delights; a cheerful and colourful ode to Britain’s bountiful hedgerows and gardens. From Briella to Hermione, from Helaine to Ophelia, Florabunda encapsulates the prettiest of designs. Today, however, we would like to introduce you to the range’s namesake design, Florabunda.

Florabunda Verde hand drawn and painted wildflower floral design

This print, in Verde, is a beautiful and wild floral expression. Seasonally explosive blooms overwhelm dark green stems; each flower un-rooted and free. The violet dragonflies dash amongst the flowery forest, fluttering past hyacinths, hydrangeas, stocks, and hardy geraniums. Whilst the beasties navigate past rambunctiously plump flowers and droopy purple petals, they inhale the sublime sweetness of the hyacinth - quite intoxicatingly delicious. Beyond the hyacinth, you find the rotund and ample mauve hydrangeas. The crowning cluster is dense with generous purple hues and faint splashes of white. In the wake of the hydrangeas, pinker shades beckon and you encounter the blushing stocks, the epitome of floral femininity. Dappled in light and ripe for picking, the stocks are reminiscent of summer bouquets and perfect posies for the garden table.

Textile designers looking at Florabunda fabric samples in the studio

Eventually, our focus shifts to the simple yet sumptuous magenta geraniums. Unlike the hyacinth towers and the tightly clustered hydrangea baubles, the geraniums spray out, like they’re soaking up the sun and kicking back, the equivalent of a horticultural hippy. Scattered amongst the blooms are poppy husks, still rouged but ready for slumber.
They provide an earthy and grounded tone to the design, a hint to seasonal realities. Hosted by a gloriously smooth and minty backdrop, the pink and purple wildflowers create a flurry of floral excitement. We love how Florabunda Verde sits so comfortably against wooden tones, making it the perfect design for a cottage breakfast room or a Victorian hallway; cosy yet fresh; modern yet nostalgic.

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