Into the Woods with Voyage

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted woodland full of extraordinary plants and curiously characterful creatures. The wood was nature’s playground, abuzz with growth, adventure and magic. From the trunks of the trees to the petals of the posies, the flora delighted in its own beauty and charm. The woodland critters thrived in their surroundings, wiling away each golden day with games of chase and hide and seek.


The folk tales from this very forest have inspired our artists to create our new collection - Woodland Tales. Much like the boscage itself, the collection is full of delightful watercolours capturing the vibrancy found beneath the treeline. Each glade, thicket, tree and animal is delicately painted to imbue a sense of whimsy. Today, we want to share some of our favourite designs from the collection with you, all of which can be found on an array of fantastic furnishings, lighting and wall décor.


Leaping into the Fauna

 Woodland Tales - Leaping Fauna


Leaping into the Fauna is an enigmatic design that captures the fox and the hare amid a playful pursuit. Foliage flies around them as they prance through the woodland, creating a whirlwind of delicate tendrils and lovely leaves.


Fairytale Bristles

 Woodland Tales - Fairytale Bristles


Fairytale Bristles is a pretty illustration that focuses on an explosively exuberant tangle of thistles. Each thistle is regal in stature and enjoys a diagonal chequer of pinks, blues and purples.


Whimsical Tale

 Woodland tales - Whimsical Tale


Whimsical Tale is a beautifully busy scene that harmoniously incorporates flora and fauna into a bright and colourful scene. Our artists have seamlessly and creatively layered an array of patterns to create a gorgeous and lively glade.



 Woodland Tale - Primrose


Our Primrose print comes in either Haze, Blush, Linen or Wisteria. Fetching flowers take centre stage in this design and elegantly emerge from the undergrowth. Each flower has a unique and radiant personality creating an undeniably happy scene.


Discover the magic of our brand new collection Woodland Tales here.


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