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Introducing The Katsura Collection

Introducing The Katsura Collection

‘Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.’ - Emily Brontë

It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn. One can’t help but take great satisfaction in crunching crisp and crackly leaves beneath your feet as you stroll down the avenue. Whilst the pavements become bedecked with naturally golden and organic litter, the bushes begin to beam with berries and the fruit trees sag under heavy and ripe loads. We are but the lucky bystanders to nature’s dramatic and wondrous seasonal changes. With these autumnal alterations afoot, it’s time to bring the ambience of Autumn inside, so let us delve deep into the delights of Katsura.

Katsura Collection

Launching 2021, Katsura is a range inspired by the seasonal changes which take place in Japan. Our team of in-house artists has drawn on the idyllic transience and eternal attraction of Sakura, Japan’s most beloved cherry blossom manifestation. Petals placed alongside reaching vines; leaves used to create earthy and smooth backdrops.

Katsura is predominantly abstract, straddling a world of rhythmic patterns and loose watercolours. We love how our artists have integrated order and tempo to nature’s inexorable and boisterous energy.

Unlike the brash vibrancy of the summer, Katsura captures a milder palette, preferring earthier hues and cooler tones. With nutty oranges, grey greens and pastel purples, this range is alluringly clement, boasting a soothing spirit and an elegant aura.

Katsura Cushions

Whilst this gorgeous assortment of designs has been with us for over a year, we’re thrilled to be bringing some new-look Katsura cushions to the table. Using the abstract foliage and berries as a base, we’ve carefully deposited some of our favourite creatures, marrying flora and fauna in a delectably cosy way.

Despite being rather sad that summer is drawing to a close, Katsura reminds us of the excitement in the changing seasons. The range’s nuanced natural designs instil a sense of eagerness for preparing our homes for the colder months ahead.

Katsura Collection

Keep an eye out on socials for live Katsura notifcations on @voyage_maison

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