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Light Up Your Home For Winter, With Voyage

Light Up Your Home For Winter, With Voyage

Lit Up for Winter with Voyage

A single bulb hanging from the ceiling by a dusty cable, uncloaked and unappealing. Few things are more jarring in a home than the wrong lighting set-up. Weve all been in rooms which are too dark, leaving us confused about what we ate or exactly whom we were speaking to. Worse than overly dark rooms are their counterparts which glare. Lighting has a tremendous power to set the mood, soothe the soul, and can be your secret weapon to hosting and enjoying your home. With dark days and a long winter ahead, now is the perfect time to refresh your lighting.


Luxurious Lustre

Imagine sinking into one of our gorgeous armchairs, popping your slippered feet onto a footrest, and leaning back to enjoy some quality time. With presents to wrap, feasts to prepare, and loved ones to host, these sorts of moments seem far and few between at this time of year. But they’re important. We love this textured wooden lamp stand, atop of which sits Edo Mulberry Eva Lampshade. With berries, stags and a scattering of leaves, this lampshade is winningly wintery. Pair your electric light with a few natural flames to soften the effect.


Frosted Finesse

Perfect for a classically formal space, we love our Quintus Floor Lamp with Monet Ironstone Tapered Shade. Whilst the caramel stand is angular and exudes a 60’s vibe, the gold joining details are ornate and sophisticated. The stand is complemented with a lampshade from our Winter Skies Collection, an ode to the great Master’s abstract water work. The palette is frosty and perfect for the New Year, offering an eclectic mix of greys, whites and silvers.


Dazzling Drop-Down

A pendant shade hovering above your dining table is a pleasing design choice. Using such lighting firmly cements the room’s focus on your diners and your gorgeously laid table. The tassels adorning the bottom of our Collector Onyx Pendant Fringe Shade are decadently elaborate, manipulating the light in a silky and seductive way. Couple with tall dining candles, and you’ll set the scene for a very intimate and happy supper!


If your looking for more style tips on how to dress your home this winter, catch up on our 'Creating a Christmas Ready Home' blog. Or follow us at @voyage_maison to see how our other customers have styled Voyage in their home this season.

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