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Once Upon a Time with Ikon

Once Upon a Time with Ikon

At heart, most fairy tales are a little dark. As children, we enjoy their whimsy and adventure; as adults, we have to lean into the surreal nature of such stories. Whilst the hero tends to come out on top, they must go through their fair share of adventures in magical and unpredictable lands. As the reader, we’re transported to enchanted worlds where anything is possible, whether that be talking wolves, magical pumpkins, or poisoned apples. Often, the heroes have royal pedigree and palace connections, bringing the glitz and the glam to the otherwise quite sinister stories. These elements create opulent and ominous tales with enduring and global appeal to both young and the old audiences. It’s these fairy tales and fantasy kingdoms that have inspired our iKon range.

Ikon Collection

When Little Red Riding Hood walked through the forest, what did she see? What birds flew past Snow White as she pulled water from the well? What flowers grew in the palace gardens of Prince Charming? From the mysterious and scary, to the bewitching and opulent, these landscapes tantalised us into creating iKon.

From the majestic bird of prey to the common blackbird, feathered friends frequently appear in this range. The motif of the magpie is found in various patterns, occasionally accompanied with stolen jewels and watches, making his nest enviably glamorous.

Plantlife is also a theme of the designs, ranging from flamboyant flowers to oversized thistles. Our designers have enjoyed drawing inspiration from various sources, but its clear to see strong allusions to both the oriental and rococo styles.

Voyage Shop Ikon Collection

The richness of the artwork is met in the sumptuousness of the products. Our designers have been careful to source only the finest fabrics and have focussed on traditional craftsmanship. Every detail expresses magnificent comfort and flourish from the trims to the ruches, and the beading to the edging.

Discover Ikon Collection

iKon’s exuberance and eccentricity offer a fresh and luxurious range of interiors. With a variety of styles, the designs allow you to become the hero of your own story, placing you in a magical, sophisticated and exciting landscape.

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