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A Guide to Room Dividers - 3 Ways to Style

A Guide to Room Dividers - 3 Ways to Style

Room dividers have a long and ancient history of being used by interior designers. Originating in China, at least 2000 years ago, room dividers were items used by the privileged few in palaces and temples. The Japanese later developed the design, creating a lightweight and easy-to-move piece. Years later, after being inspired by their travels to the far east, Europeans adopted the design and marketed it to their native audiences; either recreating a sense of the oriental or mimicking the current vogue. Both practical, and pretty, room dividers have proven to be enduringly useful piece of furniture, that is easy to adapt to the prevailing trends and tastes. We are stocking a beautiful range of Voyage room dividers. Here are three ways you can use them…


  1. Dividing

We can think of many reasons why you might want to divide up your space, without the hassle of installing a new wall! Maybe you are WFH and want to create a separate working nook. Perhaps you want to keep children on one side of the room while maintaining an adult and sophisticated area on the other side. Conceivably, the delights of the kitchen diner are wearing thin, and you want to entertain your guests without them seeing all your dirty pots and pans. Whatever the reason, a room divider could be an affordable and easy way to achieve your design needs.

Take a look: Whimsical Tale Antique Finish Room Divider

 Whimsical Tale Antique Finish Room Divider - 180x120x4cm

  1. Hiding

Whilst not glamorous, the reality of being human is that we often create a mess. Room dividers are excellent devices for hiding things in rooms you would rather your guests didn’t see. Things you might want to hide from plain sight include: full laundry baskets, cables and sockets, children’s toys, utilities and bins.

Take a look: Azima Ironstone Antique Finish Room Divider

 Azima Ironstone Antique Finish Room Divider - 180x120x4cm

  1. Charming

Whilst terribly useful, our Voyage Room Dividers are also pretty and bound to bring charm to any room. Using some of our fantastic designs, we’ve created usable and movable pieces of art.

Take a look: Marie Burke Heligan Fuchsia Antique Finish Room Divider

 Marie Burke Heligan Fuchsia Antique Finish Room Divider - 180x120x4cm

Shop our full range of designer room dividers here...

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