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Styling iKon: Exuberant Beauty and Baleful Magic

Styling iKon: Exuberant Beauty and Baleful Magic

As we discovered last week, our ikon range is full of fantastical flamboyance and intoxicating opulence. By surrounding yourself with iKon, you enter a magical world filled with intriguing creatures and expressive plantlife. Today, we’ve picked three of our favourite ways to style iKon.

Styling Ikon - Room 1

How to style Ikon Collection

This room is a fine example of matching and mixing patterns. With no fewer than five patterns from the iKon range on show, it’s a masterclass in how to seamlessly blend different prints. A tartan throw provides a brilliant backdrop for our Rupert Stool in Collector Onyx. This handy bench with a nifty storage capacity is topped with a large linen seat cushion. The cushion uses our Collector print, a charming design that boasts proud magpies who have displayed their stolen trinkets amongst the leaves and branches. It’s an incredibly cosy and comfy-looking bedroom.

Styling Ikon - Room 2

How to style Ikon Collection

Remarkably different in feel, this scene also uses our Collector print, and yet achieves an entirely different effect. One creates a striking and romantic atmosphere by pairing the charcoal Collector wallpaper with the blush pink Collector armchair. The intensity of the wallpaper amplifies the sense of mystery, whilst the trinkets seen in the design exude an air of alluring grandeur.

Styling Ikon - Room 3

how to style iKon

Whilst birds are still to be found in this sitting room scene, theyre far less prominent and instead organically blend in with the vivacious and ornate botanical designs. Various gold products from our Fortazela prints are used to create this regal and splendid parlour, fit for the finest entertaining. Blossoming pink blooms take centre stage on the regency style sofa - strikingly contrasted against the more ominous black crow cushion.

Balancing this sense of exuberant beauty and baleful magic is iKons focus. Our designers have successfully created an utterly enchanting, fresh, and luxurious range.

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