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Florabunda New Collection

A Summery Mélange Of Horticultural Delights

Few things are sweeter than driving down a country lane, whizzing past a midsummer’s British hedgerow or field, your naturally exquisite inflight entertainment. Delicate and fleeting, these seasonal intricacies have been captured by our designers in our new range, Florabunda .

Think hedgerows packed with poppies, cowslip, and daisies; imagine manicured flower beds that smell sweet with hyacinths and boast majestically colourful hydrangeas. The thriving and mossy undergrowth crowned in pinks, purples, reds, golds, and blues.

Our designers in the studio discussing the new Florabunda collection

Florabunda, launching in just a few weeks, is a summery mélange of horticultural delights. Much like the bees amongst the wildflowers, our designers have been busy developing this range since April. Our studio has unleashed an explosion of unrestrained floral euphoria with the freedom to explore and play with botanical depiction.

A textile designer painting a floral design from the new collection Florabunda

Illustrated in a loose watercolour style, using fine liners, crayons and graphite, these designs are gentle yet nostalgic. Using watercolour imbues a sense of tranquillity, whilst the sheer variety of colour reflects the vibrancy of plant life in the summer.

A collaborative effort, our designers have captured a real sense of British summertime, celebrating nature’s glorious and elaborate pinnacle. Inevitably, this year’s posies will fade and wilt as the apples fall and the frost sets in, but Florabunda will live on, capturing the sun-drenched moments spent walking through meadows or picking flowers from your garden.

A textile designer in the studio painting a floral design from the new collection FlorabundaThese cheerful and colourful designs reflect the fun we have had in crafting them, and over the next few weeks, we will offer you a preview of our new range. We will explore some of our Florabunda favourites together, thinking more about how you might incorporate these whimsical and botanical treats into your homes.

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