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Voyage x Darren Woodhead Interview Part 2

Voyage x Darren Woodhead Interview Part 2

Collaborating with Darren Woodhead on our new collection has been an absolute joy. We love how he captures nature in all its glory, whether it’s gnarly branches or bewitching birdlife. It was great to sit down with Darren and get a behind-the-scenes perspective on our new collection.


Style 1. Willow Warbler on Apple Blossom

Darren Woodhead Willow Warbler Apple Cushion - 60x40cm

Darren said: A lot of my work revolves around hedgerows, and I can happily sit in them for a whole day. Hedgerows are like the veins of the countryside, through which everything traverses. I have great hedgerows near me, and there is one particular apple tree which was thriving. As this apple tree was in bloom, I spotted a willow warbler sitting in it. Arriving from Africa in April, willow warblers are in full song by May and its great to sit by the tree and listen. You will notice in this painting this I have created the white of the blossom and the light by playing with the negative space.



Style 2. Athena Primrose

Darren Woodhead Athena Primrose Cushion - 60x40cm

Darren said: The butterflies are joined by bumblebees, as they busily pollinate and enjoy the ragwort and thistles. I have created layers by delicately using the watercolour, adding more or less water to the paint as needed. Its such a simple medium, yet it provides such complexity.


Style 3. Belmont Ochre

Darren Woodhead Belmont Ochre Cushion - 43x43cm

Darren said: I played a lot with the white of the paper in this piece. You will notice I am trying to share the form and the shape of the birds without actually painting it.


Style 4. Linnets, Sunflowers and a Goldfinch

Darren Woodhead Goldfinch Ochre Cushion - 43x43cm

Darren said: I actually found this sunflower field down by the coast. The farmer grows strips of sunflowers from seed, alongside the main crop, which is great from a conservation point of view. I sat in the field and painted the sunflowers first. As the birds came along I painted them too.


Style 5. The Kingfisher

Darren Woodhead Kingfisher Evergreen Cushion - 60x40cm

Darren said: We have Kingfishers one hundred metres from the house, and during lockdown, we loved going down to watch them. I think Kingfishers are remarkable things. Their blue and orange colourings are opposite ends of the colour spectrum, and yet they are one of the most camouflaged birds.

You might notice that in the top left-hand corner of the painting, there is some unusual dappling on the willow. As I was finishing painting the willow, it began to rain, which marvellously affected the paint.


The complete Voyage Maison x Darren Woodhead Collection is now available to shop online. Add a touch of country charm to your interiors with our exclusive new collaboration - Shop the collection.

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