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Wallpaper Q&A

Wallpaper Q&A

Commonly Asked Wallpaper Questions

If buying wallpaper feels like wading through thick and sticky wallpaper paste, this wallpaper Q&A is perfect for you. Answering some of your most frequently asked wallpaper questions, this Q&A helpfully explains some wallpaper essentials, translates some related jargon, and points you toward useful resources.

Q1. What is wide-width wallpaper?

Traditionally, British wallpaper had a standard width of about 50cm. However, in recent years, wallpaper widths have been gradually increasing. A Voyage Maison wide-width wallpaper might be as much as 140cm in width; that’s nearly three times wider than standard wallpaper.

 Wide Width Wallpaper

Q2. Why do we like wide-width wallpaper so much?

  1. With a bigger surface area, we can make our wallpaper designs more elaborate - there is just more space to be creative! This means we don’t have to restrain our amazing artists too much, which, in our experience, is always a good thing!
  2. When hung, there are fewer joints, which looks a lot more elegant and visually impressive - it becomes more of a mural.
  3. Fewer joints also mean less work for you (or your chosen wallpaper hanger) with fewer cut pieces of wallpaper to hang!


Q3. What is the benefit of the paper being digitally printed?

We think digitally printed wallpaper is wonderful. Our printers accurately recreate the colours our artists have chosen and produce vibrant wallpaper of an exceptionally high standard. This attention to detail is vitally important to our artistic ethos.

 Shop Luxury Wallpaper

Q4. What do you mean when you say heavy-weight, non-woven paper?

It’s really a statement of quality! Heavy-weight indicates thickness, and when it comes to paper, thick is King!

By non-woven, we mean that the paper is made from a mix of synthetic and natural fibres. This mix means the paper doesn’t absorb too much moisture, meaning it doesn’t disintegrate when the paste is applied. Whilst we can’t explain the science, we can tell you it makes hanging wallpaper a much easier process.


Q5. How does the wallpaper come?

Once you’ve told us how many metres you need and placed your order, you receive one big roll of wallpaper, allowing you to cut it into panels for hanging.

 Voyage Maison Wallpaper

Q6. How do I figure out how many metres of wallpaper I need?

We’ve created a handy guide to help you calculate how many metres of wallpaper you need. Click here to view the guide.


Q7. Should I order extra wallpaper?

We would recommend ordering at least two extra metres of wallpaper. Unless you are an expert in wallpaper hanging, it normally proves wise to be on the safe side.


Q8.Are there any other resources I should check out before ordering?

If you are still feeling a little nervous about embarking on a wallpapering adventure, why not check out these helpful Voyage resources…

Wide-Width Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

How to Hang Wallpaper Video 

Voyage Maison Wallpaper

Browse or wide selection of luxury, wide width wallpaper here...Don't forget we offer a great sample service, so you can picture each style in your home ahead of your purchase!

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